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Crafting the world's fastest online leasing platform

Lizy is startup within the leasing world. Their aim is to make leasing easy and accessible for everyone. What they needed from us was a strong corporate branding and a conversion driven ecommerce platform that was fully SEO optimised.

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We started by working on the corporate branding. Crafting a no-nonsense logo which is easy to read on both desktop and mobile. The next step was to create all the campaign and individual product images with high end photography.

Design and development.

The second important step in the process was to design and develop the ecommerce platform and the individual product landing pages. The core DNA of the brand is to make things as easy as possible for their consumer, this needed to be directly translated into their ecommerce platform. So how did we do that exactly?


First off,  we opted to work with react.js. While this is fast, it comes with a specific set of issues for SEO. To circumvent those issues and make sure the images render optimally on the server we decided to also use next.js technology.

Second off, we rendered all the individual product images into thumbnails. That being said, consumers are less willing to lease a car if they cannot inspect it thoroughly. So it was crucial to strike the right balance in the size of the images yet to optimise them for page speed.

Thirdly it came down to a snappy user interface design. We know from experience that one of the main reasons why ecommerce platforms do not convert to purchases is due to hidden costs. So we took away that barrier and once again ensured a smooth user experience. A simple three step procedure is all it takes to generate a request for a price offer. The user has all the information at their fingertips and there are zero hidden costs.


The last important step is to continuously improve the website based upon user data. On the one hand this is done through key measuring tools like Google Console, Google Analytics and Hotjar. We set these up to keep a close eye on the behaviour of users landing on the website.

In doing this, we measure which features work well and which need tweaking. Through the use of dedicated design systems, our in-house design team can easily make these tweaks without compromising the brand identity.

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