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Lewis & Melly

Lewis & Melly is a young, Belgian fashion brand created by brother and sister (Louis and Melanie). They launched in 2015 by publishing their first collection on Instagram. The brand became very popular in a short period of time. We met shortly after and decided to work together to polish their story. Working closely with them we took care of their brand strategy and visual identity by translating their story into a strong logo, a responsive website, consistent lookbook photography and fully integrated webshop. (Incl. POS, logistics, order picking, stock management, track and trace..)

Art-directingBrand strategyBrandingCampaign photographyCopywritingCorporate identityCreative directionDigital strategyE-commerceFashion photographyGraphic designMolliePhotographyPrintProduct photographySigningStorytellingWebdesignWebdevelopment

Besides the e-commerce platform, we extended the online identity into the offline customer store experience (e.g. hangtags,shopping bags, signing, merchandising, etc.)

Summer photoshoot in Mykonos.

For the summer collection we travelled to Mykonos where we had fun shooting new looks.


A good project with great photography will often go much farther than an great project with poor photography. Likewise, if you have a great project with equally great photography, the possibilities are endless.

lookbook photography
Lookbook Photography

We wanted the lookbook photography to look fresh and girly with a happy feel. We achieved that feel by using pastel backdrop colors and by working with professional stylists.

lewis melly
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